Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another day, another main sail problem

Friends Pat and Sandy, who we were fortunate enough to meet at the Strictly Sail Pacific show last April in Alameda joined us this weekend for a sail around the bay.
 They are in the process of deciding which boat they'd like to retire to and go cruising and are thinking a Hylas as well.  We were excited to finally get them on board and for Monica and I to have another sail before her parents arrive next weekend for the 40th bday / Edward 40-hands / Halloween party at Tradewinds.  We had a gorgeous and sunny day so motored out past Angel Island for our first foray into waters west of Alcatraz.  All was going great until we went to unfurl the main.  We haven't yet returned to KKMI for fine tuning on the rigging and we've known for some time that we have some issues with the furling system, whether we're not properly applying enough pressure to the outhaul on the way back in, or there's not enough tension on the leach, or there's too much rake in the mast (my opinion...) the main is getting wrapped up and stuck inside the mast.  After about an hour of trying to fix the stick (which was just above the 2nd spreader where the main had folded over on itself inside the mast) we decided to sail in the very light winds as-is.  Below you can see our track and as we came out from behind the shadows of the Marin Headlands we started sailing, tacked back and forth and wound our way down the city front.  All in all, we had a great day and look forward to getting Pat and Sandy back onboard soon.  As for the main....we're scheduled to return to KKMI this Sunday.

Navionics track 22nm 5 hrs