Saturday, November 10, 2012

Main issue resolved.... (fingers crossed)

so after a long chain of emails on Hylas owner's group, I came to find (as is with most issues) that we weren't the only ones having a problem.
Our solution, albeit not perfect but perfectly working now, was to take out the larger batten and give the sail a bit more room to squeeze in.  We learned a few other things from HYOA as well, like keep the boat on a starboard tack so that there's more room for the sail to enter the mast (assuming it is winding in counter clockwise), play a little more with the boom vang depending on how much we have the main sheet in/out, and probably the biggest thing is that despite our main looking crisp, clean and white, it's got some years on it and is a bit blown out creating some 'extra' sail which can bunch up on the way in