Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 1

December 19th.... the first day of the rest our lives.
 This day came with more thought and anguish than I wish to recall.  While extremely exciting, this day comes with plenty of trepidation and of course some doubt.  But thanks to all the support from so many family members, friends, and colleagues, we have come to decide that there will be no perfect time and that no time could be better than the present.

Yesterday I had my year end review at work and I came away realizing I was becoming more and more a part of a firm I dearly respected.  I wanted to be as upfront as I could with my colleagues without jeopardizing our travel / cruising options, we were still considering exactly when we would begin this adventure.  Ultimately, it made sense today to discuss this with my work and instead of taking on yet more responsibility and ingraining myself further, I decided today was the day I would end an amazing and completely unforeseen career.

It has been 15 years since I left parking cars for a $1 each to enter corporate America.  Words will never suffice, and if I tried it would take a book but I love recalling the memories, the 80 hour weeks, breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack at the office for years, the travel on private planes and never getting used to people speaking in terms of "hundreds of millions of dollars".  So if we ever bump into each other, get me started on these days and make sure we have enough ice for the cocktails about to be poured.  An amazing life for a kid who grew up with food stamps in public housing.

So here we go, Day One....