Sunday, April 26, 2015

Touch up trip Alameda

This week we went back to Svendsens in Alameda for a 'follow up' - refit the dinghy lift for a better balanced dinghy, move the outboard motor mount aft to the main arch frame built from 1 1/4" steel, and some new running rigging.
Along the way we had a GREAT sail from Marina Bay to Alameda where we reached a top speed over ground of 10.3kts (9.0kts STW).  We stopped in Alameda to fill up on fuel, 35g in the port tank, 7g in the starboard tank, and we were lucky to get yet another visit from our most frequent visitors, our Richter parents!  They sailed home with us and even stayed the night on the boat one night.

Love sailing in the good winds of SF but looking forward to the days where we no longer wear winter jackets to do so

'Bump out' for the outboard on the port side

The makings of waterworld coming together
Sunset from Faction Brewing