Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Logbook to Santa Cruz Island, Ca

Logbook to Santa Cruz Island, Ca (Cueva Valdez and Smuggler’s Cove)

  • Port of Departure: Santa Barbara, Ca
  • Departure Date and Time: Wednesday, July 15, 1020 PDT
  • Stops in Between: scouted Cueva Valdez anchorage on north side of island
  • Port of Arrival:  Smuggler’s Cove, Santa Cruz  Island, Channel Islands, Ca
  • Arrival Date and Time:  Wednesday, July 15, 1945 PDT
  • Total Travel Time: 9.5 hours
  • Miles Traveled: 43 nm
    • Sails a' soaring: 38 nm
    • Engine a' roaring: 5 nm
  • Engine Hours:  1.9
  • Average Speed:  4.5 kts
  • Forecast:  predicted winds of 10-15kts with afternoons seeing upward of 20 out of the W and WNW, perfect reaching conditions to the western side of Santa Cruz Islands.  Winds were supposed to die considerably by evening with the push from the south of remnants from Hurricane Dolores.  We had hoped to anchor here and go to the Painted Cave the following day.  The actual effects of the storm didn’t affect us until 36 hours later. 
  • Navigation Notes:  We had been told by a handful of people on Santa Barbara that given the expected winds this anchorage would be suitable, although likely would require a bow and stern ground tackle set up.  After arriving at Cueva Valdez and getting 20kts of wind, we decided against trying to stay here, incredible small and fairly deep.  We hoisted sails at 1600 PDT and made a run for the east end of the island hoping to make Smuggler’s Cove by sunset.  We got some great help from Windy Alley as we experienced winds in 20-25kt range with gusts over 30kts.  We made great time and had the anchor down at Smugglers as the sun was going down.

  • Smooth sail to Santa Cruz Island video

  • Maintenance Notes:  Nothing of note
  • Personal notes:
    • Chris:  new places will equal new experiences, and no matter how much research you think you’ve done, including getting advised by the local Harbor Patrol, sometimes you just won’t know until you go.  Cueva Valdez would’ve never worked for us, we just wouldn’t have been comfortable in any wind condition.  Fortunately we had fair winds and they blew us quickly to Smuggler’s Cove
    • Monica:   I honestly don’t even remember the trip over from Santa Barbara.  Sails were set and we went straight over…thank goodness.  As the islands began to approach Chris was directing me of where to head toward some of the recommended anchorages.  “I don’t see where you are talking about.”  The wind was gusting through Windy Ally and I was trying desperately to envision a safe place for us to go.  “Um…we are NOT going to fit there!” was something that I uttered several times as we hunted for a safe refuge to call home for the night.  Luckily my sentiment was shared and we decided to engage the hour glass of time left in the afternoon to get us to Smuggler’s Cove before the setting sun.