Friday, July 31, 2015

Oceanside stopover

Leaving the knucklehead madness of Newport (although complete truth be told, once the weekend was over it was a pretty mellow anchorage) we traveled on to Oceanside with promises of a slip and surf I could walk to, just a bonus that the water temp was in the 70s and so no wetsuit required!  First time since Cabo I was able to do that!

Oceanside in the background

The sail down was simple and we arrived just after the harbor master office closed.  Best bet is to call ahead on cell phone (760.435.4000) and ask about a slip.  Weekends tend to be pretty busy and likely sold out.  They have very limited room for boats over 40'.  You're supposed to pull into one of the check-in docks and walk up and drop off a payment but these check-in docks are only about 30' slipa by 25-28' feet wide....and they're supposedly double slips!  Ahhhh, ya right, fortunately we had called ahead and they assigned us a slip, told us Main slip in front of Jolly Roger. in the biggest one, the first one, or what?  Well, as it turns out, and we figured this out by just doing circles in front of the restaurant before pulling in, the side tie docks are labeled, Main, Side and something else I can't remember.  Turned out we were directly in front of the restaurant, I mean spitting distance.  Better make sure we dock correctly, we're gonna have an audience!

View of SeaGlub from the restaurant


Hired security 

During our time the Richters visited and stayed the night aboard.  A fun happy hour at the Jolly Roger (maybe the best happy hour I've seen, about 25 items - drinks, foods - for $5 or less)  We had a nice time visiting and played Tripoly into the dark hours of the early evening

Tripoly night
 Andrew and the Heppenstall kiddos came down for a beach day, which included a visit from the Gpa and Gma Heppenstall, fellow sailors.  Good time at the beach watching the kids learn to surf and all enjoying the warm waters.  We were off the next day to San Diego, our final resting place for the foreseeable future.

That's SeaGlub sailing out of Oceanside as seen on the surf camera