Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Officer Lombardi and the Channel Islands by The Hesitant Half

I just can't seem to get used to this cruising thing quite yet.  I suppose that is okay because we have only just started a couple weeks ago.  Questions about timing seems to be my biggest concern.  "When are we going to leave?" or "What day do you think we are going to get there?"  Planning has always been a thing for me.  When I was given an assignment in school I started it right away.  This continued into my professional career as well.  I didn't procrastinate and wait until the night before.  That's just not my style.

Tonight Chris said it could be three weeks until we get to San Diego still!  I thought I was going to flip out!!!  Three more weeks!  That is definitely not what the 'float plan' says!

Although now that I think about it, I don't know why that bothers me.  Here in the marina of fabulous Santa Barbara I love it!  It is like a little paradise that I can see myself never leaving.  We are cruising now.  We can go where we want whenever we want (generally) and can stay at a given place until we aren't having fun there anymore.  Maybe knowing that we are heading to the Channel Islands for more anchoring has got me nervous.'re saying my boat won't be tied to something stable and there is a possibility of us dragging around and waking up every 30 minutes during the night again?!?.............Insert Hesitant Half!

Get a grip Monica!  This is what we are going to be doing for the rest of our lives!  I had better start getting used to it.

I'm sure the islands will be lovely.  People pay a lot of money to go visit and they only get to stay for a day of two.  There is promise of warmth, kayaking, hiking, and once in a lifetime beauty in my future.  I really should be more excited.  I feel like such a jerk!

Officer Lombardi of the Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol gave us a ton of awesome information about the islands.   We received a very thorough description about some nice hikes, a really sweet cave that we can kayak or dinghy into (supposedly the biggest in North America), and spectacular views.  It sounds like a wonderful place that shouldn't be missed.  He also assured us that anchoring is a breeze.  "The bottom is PERFECT!," he says.

Maybe it was the caveat at the end that has me all worked up..."And hey, if your anchor slips you'll just drift off into the ocean."


Next stop, Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands!