Tuesday, July 7, 2015

First Watch! (Insert sound effect: Dun Dun Duuuun!)

This post is being written from my first watch, during our first passage, the first real left, and the first day of our new adventure together:

Well, we finally did it!  I am completely baffled by my lack of jitters.  (Coming from me that is a big deal because I can be a nervous wreck about things that I am unsure about...hence the Hesitant Half)  I have known people that have left and done something very similar to what we are doing now and they were completely freaking out before they left.  I was worried that maybe I was forgetting something or maybe my lack of sleep and preoccupation of other family matters on my mind was making it so that this huge life changing experience wasn't taking up as much time as it should have. Or, hopefully more likely, I guess we are just prepared and are confident in this new endeavor.  Who knows...

My awesome D Dock friend, fellow trouble maker, and confidant, Ramona was there at 4am to help cast off our lines and ease any discomfort we may have been feeling.  We ran through my extensive (laminated!) checklist: provisioning complete, items were stowed, meals prepared (Thank goodness! Because there is no way I was going to be able to cook underway), all tanks filled, maintenance on systems done...we were ready to go!  With only a few minor glitches, it was time to head out.  SeaGlub, Chris and I were going out the gate and headed LEFT!

Before we left our slip we did one last check and went to turn on our lights since we were leaving before the sun had come up.  And wouldn't you know it...the dang steaming light wouldn't come on.  We have had some trouble with our lights in the past and we thought we had fixed them, so this was probably just a burnt out bulb (What do you know, another boat project).  But, rules are rules, and I like to follow them...but we were leaving damn it!!! *Sorry Tradewinds Sailing School, Matt and Brandy Kepner, and all of my instructors!  I know what you taught me, but a lightbulb wasn't going to stop us from getting this dream started.

We made it out of our slip, 3 conch shell blasts by Chris, and headed for warmer days.  After fixing our jib sheets that were run inside the standing rigging (I guess we should have noticed that sooner :/), we were sailing out Thee Golden Gate!  What an amazing feeling to be doing this thing that we had talked about for so long!!!!!

With a few tacks, SeaGlub headed out the gate without a hitch.  I guess that is when my nerves started to set in.  This was the farthest I had ever been in our boat before.  Yes, I took a sailing class that took me all the way down to Half Moon Bay and back to Drakes Bay, so I had been this far before.  But dude...this is my house we are talking about folks!

Every noise was making me suspicious.  "Huh? What was that!?!" or "Did you hear that!?!" Only to find nothing had happened.  If that's the only paranoia I'm going to have, I'll take it!

Then, all of a sudden, we started hearing something like bombs going off!!!   Our motor wasn't running, so I knew it wasn't any thing going bad with the old work horse.  Maybe we ran over a log?!  No.  We've hit one of those before and that definitely wasn't the sound we were hearing.  Do they do military testing out hear still?  Maybe it's the fisher man about a mile away from us using dynamite? I know what you are thinking, and yes it sounds juvenile to me too.  But, "What the heck was that!?!"

Finally we see it.  Rocketing out of the water about a mile off our starboard stern...BREACHING HUMPBACK WHALES!!!  Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was amazing!  The sound we were hearing was them returning to the sea with a massive explosion of water.  How incredible!!!  I have been on several whale watching excursions in my lifetime, yet all whales (and any other sea life for that matter) eluded us.  And now, here they are, helping us celebrate the start of our new adventure!