Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Two souls at rest at Two Harbors

After two weeks of being of being on the move and not always being sure that we were where we were intended to be we made it to the first real place where we felt like we had arrived.

Now that's a beautiful sunset over Smuggler's Cove as we departed

It certainly wasn't the sweetie's decision to leave before sunset and do another all nighter, but given the expected winds for the next 48 hours and the distance, it made logic to leave when we did.  We sailed and motored beginning at sundown and sailed and motored and sailed and again motored to Two Harbors at Catalina, but after hailing "Two Harbors Moorings" 3x on the VHF and getting confirmation that we knew how to actually use the VHF, and that it worked, the admiral very precisely guided us into our mooring.  She'll be Hesitant to admit how well she drove us into the mooring slot, through a narrow fairway and in between 2 other boats with people sitting on their sterns watching us, but she put me and the bow right on top of the pendant, I grabbed it and after a brief misundersanding of how exactly it worked, I got us locked in and we were set on our first mooring ball, with no help.  I say with no help because the harbor patrol here are more than happy to have a guidance boat assist you in and even hook you onto the mooring in order to keep you from hitting anyone. The admiral says this is what gave her the confidence to drive is in, but she never needed them, and after 4 days there we learned we were unique in that accomplishment.   Kuddos my mate!

Approach Two Harbors

Moored up at Two Harbors!

SeaGlub on her first mooring ball!

We took the comfort of being moored up to get some much needed rest (11 hours of sleep the first night there) and then got onto just chilling. The first day we didn't do much more than read books and hang out in the nice warm cockpit.  Temps were in the upper 70s, water clarity was in the 30+ foot range (yes for the first time we could see the bottom!) and we were feeling like we made it!  We made it to shore aboard Tipsea for Happy Hour and decided we'd make a longer day ashore the next day.

Celebrating our mooring with (not so good) Buffalo Milk cocktails
Four days there and we loved it, will definitely be back.  Maybe even for Buccaneers Days, look it it up, pretty insane time here I guess.  We were able to go hiking for a bit, checked out the nearby harbors, 4th of July and Cherry Cove, never did see and buffalo but got to meet some other good new friends on the boat across from us.  I think they had about 15 people on board but they were partying so we were eager to join in.  Thanks Ed and Jill on No Worries for becoming our first cruising buddies!

Two Harbors

Our anniversary harbor.... Fourth of July Cove
Cherry Cove
The water was clear and clean, Monica even got her cleaning on in the water.  She just can't stop, clean clean clean.... look at her go:

Bottom cleaning in Two Harbors