Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jack - RIP

It's with a sad heart we need to inform you all of a passing.  Jack, our beloved refrigerator system, has gone on to Refrigerator Heaven (which as I imagine is something like Antarctica with the movie Ice Age running over and over).  Jack had his last breath this morning, followed by a loud ka-clunk and then shut off.  Diagnosis shows that the compressor failed, has seized up and repairing our older Grunert system is not really an option as parts aren't readily available and a replacement compressor just doesn't really exist.  Jack was an organ donor and will be leaving some of his parts to better the lives of others.  3 holdover plates are still in grand condition and we will be looking to use these in conjunction with a new motor / compressor setup.  I'm trying to figure out the differences / benefits / drawbacks of air cooled v. keel cooled systems as we look to replace jack which was a water cooled system (thus we are already plumbed for this should we decide that type of system is best for us).

Please email or call me with any thoughts as this is a time sensitive topic.

We'll miss you Jack - thanks for all the great cocktail ice you provided!