Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Logbook to San Diego

Logbook to San Diego, Ca

  • Port of Departure: Oceanside, Ca
  • Departure Date and Time: Saturday, August 1, 0830 PDT
  • Stops in Between: none
  • Port of Arrival:  San Diego, Ca
  • Arrival Date and Time: Saturday, August 1, 1700 PDT
  • Total Travel Time: 8.5 hours
  • Miles Traveled: 44 nm
    • Sails a' soaring: 25 nm
    • Engine a' roaring: 19 nm
  • Engine Hours:  4.5
  • Average Speed:  5.2 kts
  • Forecast:  light morning winds followed by afternoon winds picking up to 12-15 kts by afternoon from the W-NW
  • Navigation Notes:  This was pretty much gonna be a leave when you can then catch the winds eventually in the midday and sail the rest of the way.  Exactly how it worked out.  Glad we left when we did even though we had to motor for 3+ hours as we arrived at a desirable time.  NOte to self and others, as you come into San Diego harbor from the north be sure to stay clearly far enough away from the shore line as large kelp fields line the La Jolla / Point Loma area.  We stayed 2-2.5 miles offshore and this proved just right.  We basically aimed from Oside for the red/white San Diego buoy.  Once at that buoy it made more sense to follow the green channel markers into the harbor given the wind shifts over Point Loma rather than the 'red, right, return' theory'...
  • Maintenance Notes:  Nothing of note
  • Personal notes:
    • Chris:  Awesome day of commuting from Oside to San Diego.  We filled up the fuel tanks without any real challenge, got out of Oside and yes, had to motor for a bit, but once we started sailing, boy oh boy what a pleasure.  We sailed to within a par 4 of our slip.
    • Monica: I don't know what has been happening with me the last few weeks.  Don't get me wrong...I love our Yanmar motor...but sick again!?!  I can't believe it!  Clearly this girl and the boat are meant to SAIL!!!!!  I threw up again and then we proceeded to put the sails up and give it a Go.  The wind gods were in our favor and we sailed the rest of the way to my dream!...Back to San Diego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!