Sunday, August 9, 2015

Shakedown Logbook

Shakedown Logbook - San Francisco to San Diego, Ca

  • Port of Departure: San Francisco, Ca
  • Departure Date and Time: Tuesday, July 7, 0430 PDT
  • Stops in Between: El Morro, Government Point (Conception), Santa Barbara, Smuggler's Cove, Two Harbors, Newport Beach, Oceanside
  • Port of Arrival:  San Diego, Ca
  • Arrival Date and Time: Saturday, August 1, 1700 PDT
  • Total Travel Time:  26 days
  • Miles Traveled: 573 nm
    • Sails a' soaring: 243 nm
    • Engine a' roaring: 330 nm
  • Engine Hours:  80.0
  • Nights spent at:
    • Sea - 4
    • Anchor - 9
    • Mooring ball - 4
    • Slip - 9
  • Forecast:  long term forecasts showed 2 strong hurricanes, Dolores and Enrique, in the southeast Pacific and that they would likely affect the normal weather patterns in and along central / southern California's coastline.  Overall, things looked amenable and thus off we went
  • Navigation Notes:  What we learned was what I had been told by so many over the last few years, we definitely motored more than we would've expected, partly because we were trying to get to anchorages etc. at a decent time of the day but mostly because the weather just wasn't in our favor, sometimes for days at a time.  We sailed when we could, and, despite the irony, actually sailed a lot more in southern California than we did north of Point Conception.  We have the Dolores and Enrique to thank for that.  We gained confidence in our Yanmar, yet learned how to hoist and sail with our asymmetrical, which prior to this trip hadn't even been unveiled from its sock
  • Maintenance Notes:  Overall very pleased as little maintenance needed to done.  We had lost AIS connection according to our land based friends but it was always working for us, so I believe off central CA we were just too far off shore to hit the land based stations.  We had some self ascribed issues, like wrapping the spinnaker halyard in the furling headsail, which we resolved with some patience, but overall the trip went off pretty smoothly.
  • Personal notes:
    • Chris:  Last night a friend asked me how the trip went for me, overall.  And my answer kinda surprised was fun, comfortable, and fulfilling.  After thinking about my answer, what I realized was I was just feeling in my groove, just living life, and didn't think at the time that what were doing was anything different than what I was supposed to be doing.  The Hesitant Half performed with accolades, accepting a challenge never dreamed of, pushing through a couple of bouts of seasickness, driving us into new anchorages and mooring fields without a hitch and smiling once we hit warmer climates.  I come away knowing as a couple we are ready for whatever and wherever the fair winds bring next....  
    • Monica: Overall, it felt like a long trip down.  We weren't able to sail as much as we were hoping and my Captain was really good about recognizing when we should just suck it up and put the sails away and turn on Ol' Bessy. I cried a lot and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do this cruising thing.  The nights at anchor were difficult because I was unsure and worried we were going to drag.  After meeting several other cruising couples this seems like a normal concern and the end thought is that we just need to practice more and ALWAYS use our big ass Mantus anchor.   Now that we have reached our first destination it doesn't seem like it was all that bad.  We didn't die and nothing serious went wrong with the boat.  That is a definite win and we really feel like we made it and can call ourselves cruisers now!!!