Saturday, October 17, 2015

Settling In To San Diego by The Hesitant Half

Bliss seems like the best way to describe how I am feeling after being in San Diego for a few months.  I wasn’t quite sure if that was the exact word I can use to describe how I feel about being here, but upon consulting my thesaurus, they all seem to fit:  ecstasy, heaven, paradise, enjoyment, happiness, delight, pleasure, harmony…I mean they are all pretty accurate!  I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!!!

Aside from being close to family, the most noticeable difference has been the weather.  It has been HOT!  I adore it!!!  
Hot inside SeaGlub
I am going to have to do some serious purging of clothing.  Our boat projects usually involve jumping off the boat to cool off.  On days where it has been 90+ inside the boat we spend the days lazily up at the pool taking advantage of what we call our ‘air conditioning.’  It has been so nice not to be secluded inside our boat from fear of freezing to death.  

Pool time at Silvergate YC
Outdoor activities have always been my choice of what to do during free time and now we can finally take advantage of the place we live.  I am lovin’ getting out and running around Harbor Island and going on evening walks.  The sunrise and sunsets have been absolutely amazing.  I can’t believe I get to call this place my home.  Beach cruisers have been a fun addition to our modes of transportation.  We love taking our bikes out to go grocery shopping, meeting friends for lunch, exploring, and going to a Chargers game.  

Chris and I got some new paddleboards that we take out and around the marina a few times a week and are having a blast with.  I was a bit skeptical because I had never used one before (insert Hesitant Half).  Keli, from Keli’s Outrigger Surf Shop was awesome and recommended some great new boards for us.  She was even nice enough to give me a little private lesson inside of her shop!  She assured me that she could tell that I would be good at it and sent us on our way with some sweet new SUP Boards. What a cool chic she is!  I still haven’t fallen off of mine yet!!

stood right up and has yet to fall off

Keli and her great surf shop!
We have seen Chris’s family with a nice weeklong visit from my favorite niece Alex.  Chris’s mom, dad and sister came down for a long weekend and we enjoyed checking out the tall ships that were in town. My parents have come down for the weekend.  

USS Neversail!  Where pops did his basic training

Alex becoming the next surfer in the family

My cousins, Kelly and Greg, and my uncle Ed have all stopped by for a visit.  Kim, my cousin who is terrified of boats, has visited us twice!  We had a random camping trip with my parents at Doheney. My brother Ben came for a long weekend that involved a trip to the Mira Mar Airshow for old time sake. I went up to Redondo Beach to visit Megan, who was down from San Fran, and Sarah for a girl’s day. Chris’s sister Sarah is going to visit us over Halloween weekend for some shenanigans.  I just love being so close to everyone!!!

Our first visitor!  Kippy

Doheny campout

Make-a-Wish volunteers

You visit SeaGlub 50/50 chance you'll get put to work

Awesome air show day!
We arrived in San Diego on August 1st, and after a week long trip back up to San Francisco to fetch Pedro (our truck), we were finally feeling settled in down here.  The majority of our family has stopped in for a visit at some point and we have seen a bunch of our friends during different weekend excursions.  Don’t get me wrong…I had found some lifelong friends up in San Francisco that I am missing more than you can imagine, but it feels so good to be among family and friends that we left behind 6 years ago.

Friendships are things that don’t come easily to me and I have been known to say that I think they can be a waste of time.  Now, now…be nice! I think I am a pretty friendly person, but I hate finding people that I get along with only to leave them behind one day.  You all should have learned by now how emotional I can be.  Wandering around the docks down here started out pretty lonely.  Sure, people would smile or say hello, but it wasn’t the same as when we lived in San Francisco.  A 5 minute walk down to our boat usually turned into 30 minutes or more and impromptu cocktails shared with friends was a norm.  I was longing for this desperately!  After all, Chris and I have nothing but time now and would love spending it sharing stories with fellow cruisers.  Day after day we would walk to our boat and smile and say hi.  Until it finally happened…….

“Hey! Are you guys the couple on SeaGlub?” asked a lovely woman around our age.  I thought this to be strange (we aren’t that cool…yet) and I usually don’t answer a question without asking one first. So I replied, “Is that your dog? And, is his name Rocket?” Low and behold our reputation had preceded us.  About a week previous to this exchange we had met a couple, Ann and Michael on a beautiful Tayana, in Newport Beach and again in Oceanside that had told us about some people (and their dog Rocket!) that would be in the same marina as us in San Diego. This was them!  Introducing Adam and Jessica…and Rocket.

Over the past few weeks we have hung out with Adam, Jessica, and Rocket.  Shared many adult beverages.  Gone to lunches and dinners. Talked about our cruising plans. Helped each other with projects. Exchanged tools…It sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship right!?!  And the best part is that with this new friendship many more can blossom.  Through meeting the Rocket Family we have also been introduced to some pretty awesome other friends that they know…Tony, Tyler, and Lola.  Our first endeavors with them lead to attempted sinking of a dinghy and Chris saving their dog, Lola, from drowning.  You know what they say; the best relationships usually begin unexpectedly and from surviving crazy shit…or something like that J Now that we have known these new friends for a few weeks I can’t imagine living at SunRoad without them!!!


New friends Adam, Jess, Tony, Ty on Badfish

Tony's not quite dry dinghy

Ty and Lola after our day anchored out on Badfish

Blondes at the whiskey bar

That's a lot of whiskeys, over 800.  Matt Kepner, we have a new bar for you!

Now, as we continue on with our lives here in San Diego we look to the future.  I’m sure we will have many more weekends with family and our new friends.  Boat projects will get started, take longer then we expect, and eventually get finished.  Many adult beverages will be consumed. We will continue to explore and I’m sure we will find many new places that we love in San Diego.  Plans will start to be made for moving on down south and toward our goal of a cruising lifestyle.  Life is good!!!!!

The Perfect Pour