Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ensenada in pictures

So post our early morning knockdown, recovery,and checking to be sure our vows were still valid (babe, you remember you said 'until death do us part'?  so we're still good right???) we did continue on under solid winds and big seas.  Once in Ensenada we had a group therapy session over our experiences and then the rest of the week had a good time hanging out, eating, drinking, and wine tasting.  Here's the evidence:

Our sailing track to Ensenada with a few jibes to make our way in

The accompanying stats, 12 hours, almost all under sail and of those almost all upright ;-)

Link to some footage from our sail down with some swell passing underneath us:

But we did make it and had our group therapy under the fire that first night

more group therapy night 2

SeaGlub and Badfish

SeaGlub in her first foreign port

Time to BBQ breakfast

Huh? what? someone say breakfast??

Yep, someone said MONKEYBREAD!  Great job sweetie!

Wine tasting day outside of Ensenada

Shenanigans group photo

just plain shenanigans

some were pooped from all the wine.....

.....while others were jazzed up!

Captain Tony of Badfish

Badfish on her way home, much smoother waters for the motor home

Badfish crew including Rocket

SeaGlub exiting the Coral Marina in Ensenada

A much happier Hesitant Half on the way home then coming down

Some sea critters, a small bonita but tasty sashimi!

and of course the one that got away

SeaGlub on her way home