Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ensenada Logbook

Ensenada Logbook - San Diego, Ca to Ensenada, Mexico (and back)

  • Port of Departure: San Diego, Ca
  • Departure Date and Time: Tuesday, November 10, 0300 PDT
  • Stops in Between: None
  • Port of Arrival:  Ensenada, Mexico - Hotel Coral Marina
  • Arrival Date and Time: Tuesday, November 10, 1500 PDT
  • Total Travel Time:  12 hours
  • Miles Traveled: 70 nm
    • Sails a' soaring: 65 nm
    • Engine a' roaring: 5 nm
  • Engine Hours:  1.9
  • Return Trip
    • Port of Departure: Ensenada, Mexico - Hotel Coral Marina
    • Departure Date and Time: Saturday, November 14, 0700 PDT
    • Stops in Between: None
    • Port of Arrival:  San Diego, Ca
    • Arrival Date and Time: Saturday, November 14, 1700 PDT
    • Total Travel Time:  10 hours
    • Miles Traveled: 65 nm
      • Sails a' soaring: 0 nm
      • Engine a' roaring: 65 nm
    • Engine Hours: 10
  • Nights spent at:
    • Sea - 0
    • Anchor - 0
    • Mooring ball - 0
    • Slip - 4
  • Forecast:  forecasts showed a high pressure system pushing out the low pressure system which brought off and on Monday evening into Tuesday morning.  Winds were to be modestly strong from the NW at 18-20kts overnight and during our morning departure with building winds to 25kts by Tuesday afternoon.  Seas were mixed and predicted to be in the 3-5' range
  • Navigation Notes:  While the weather was correct, amazingly accurate, what we didn't account for was a legitimate squall blowing through at 430am shortly after we had raised sails.  It's been a rule of ours to always be reefed at night because you can't see what's coming, but we didn't have enough experience to have that rule properly and consistently implemented
  • Maintenance Notes:  Nothing of note besides cabinets below flinging canned food everywhere
  • Personal notes:
    • Chris:  Always reef at night.  When we raised sails all was fine, good wind 15-18kts on the stern quarter, pushing us along at 7kts.  Coming around Point Loma at 430am though we caught winds up to 44kts, got knocked down, then rounded up, then got absolutely drenched by sideways rain coming in so hard it felt like hail when it hit your skin.  Very proud of how we handled the situation overall, nothing broken and only loss was some floormats on the deck.  But you can be assured the reef at night rule will now be consistently implrmented!
    • Monica: see Monica's blog post here What doesn't kill you...by The Hesitant Half

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