Sunday, October 18, 2015

Never lose the leader!

So for all of you asking what do we do to occupy our time now that we're not working..... well first of all we incessantly bug all of our friends to quit their jobs and just hang out!!  Amazingly this tactic has garnered some success.  Since leaving our jobs our friends have starting calling in sick more often, pulled their child out of school to be home-schooled thus making their schedule more flexible, and one couple actually did leave their jobs!!  Did we have much or anything to do this?  Likely not.

However, when not being a bad influence we do find more 'productive' things to do, but you'll see in this post productivity is subjective.

Earlier this summer our steaming light stopped working (this is the light half way up the mast which needs to be on at night while we are motoring, so kind of important).  After going up the mast I figured out the problem was the wires.  They were corroded.  I figured this out after testing voltage and we were getting 13.2v but light wasn't working, so we weren't getting enough amps.

So simple, the wires need to come out.  Tie off some new wires to the old ones, pull the old ones out dragging the new wires down and reconnect. Simple..... HAHAHAHAHA!

What happens when you start pulling the old wires out and the new wires get disconnected??? Well, inside a mast you lose your leader.  Uh-oh.

Now what?  Well, I'll fast forward two weeks and leave out the 296 "Fu@$s!!!"  I did this to myself and here's how I solved it.

We had four dime sized holes, big enough to maneuver a steel snake into and then try to hook with a clipped off and bent hanger.  Yes a clothes hanger.  Somehow, someway we finally managed.


See the hole the yellow wire is exiting?  This where we were fishing with the hanger, less than the size of a dime

This is the access point we found in the mast at the deck level after about 10 days.  Don't ask why it took us so long, ignorance is the only answer, but this access port was key to getting the new wires to run through the flange at the deck.

Corrosion (look closely) ran all the way down from the steaming light down to the bus bar

New bus bar

That's a working steaming light.....phew