Thursday, March 31, 2016

March update

Well we're a little behind on the blog, mostly because we're don't like we're up to much.  But then when we look back at pictures we realize we had been quite busy.  So here's March in pictures.

The highlight of the month was definitely our trip to Disneyland to hang out with good friends Matt, Brandy, AJ and Glenda.  Disneyland was great!  we spent two days going to both parks, smuggled in booze where we had to and enjoyed the variety of beers offered at California Adventure.  The best was seeing AJ loosen up a little bit and run around with him really having a blast.  Great to see our friends again and we were spoiled with great weather, good enough for ice creams cones~

Monica has picked a regular part time job at West Marine, primarily for the employee discount we get for everything we buy there, pretty amazing savings, in fact we will save far more from what we buy compared to what Monica will actually make in paychecks.  Adding in the savings I figure we're going to turn her near minimum wage job into something she esentially got paid $30-40 an hour for!  Thanks sweetie!

In the meantime I've been busy on boat projects, those projects we need to do and those that we can now afford to do given our new prices available on products like....... A NEW STEREO!

Installed a Fusion bluetooth stereo with 3 zones so we can play music off our devices now and play them in different areas of the boat.

Other projects that needed to be done..... well this one sits in the 'largest project yet' category.  Found a leak from a hose coming off the heat exchanger (radiator for those non-boaters) and needless to say water and steel on boat don't get along very well over time when exposed.  Thus we are having to replace the turbo charger and since this part supposedly 'never' goes bad we are having to get one made, yes pouring steel into the mold and creating the part, been told 3 months.... fingers crossed.  In the meantime I have a lot of cleaning up to do, scraping, grinding, sanding etc.  I'm trying to make a video of the process, but in the least when I'm done I'll write a blog post about the experience.

Rust damage on the heat exchanger from a leaky turbo charger

Repairing the heat exchanger and getting it serviced was fairly painless, $180, but we're still waiting for the new turbo charger from Japan

But these things haven't kept me from getting out to play some golf and meet some new buddies, my new retired friends.

Balboa Park drinks after 18

And of course we have to include a Tessa update.  She's growing amazingly fast, basically gaining 1 pound per week, she's now almost 6 months and weighing in at 27 pounds.  She loves loves loves playing fetch, the beach and of course her boyfriend Rocket, although Rocket would deny than anything going on, he's a bit older ;-)

St Pattys Day with Tessa

Rocket, the beach and fetching