Friday, May 27, 2016

Cowles Mountain hike

Around San Diego there are all kinds of fantastic hikes, yesterday we tried out Cowles Mountain at Mission Trails Regional Park

The hike we did was the less intense, but still pretty steep at times, access road up the backside vs. the switchback up the front side.  Less steps and far fewer people.  Tessa wasn't exactly sure what the point of all this was and she was very slow going up (with several water breaks).  We chose an overcast day and still were sweating by the time we reached the top.  The views were awesome!

On the way down we ran into a bit of a roadblock.... BEES!  Thousands of them, something disturbed them and they covered the trail so we backtracked and waited them out, eventually they reformed on a tree adjacent to the trail.  I'm not one to get scared often, but this was a bit reminiscent of stories we here about the African bee swarms.  Awesome pictures but we don't need to see this again.