Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tessa the boat dog at 7 months

So this is the occasional obligatory 'we love our dog' post.  I understand if you skip this post because I often skip over what to me are redundant baby pictures, but this is our blog and our dog, and she's AWESOME!

Yep, one day soon we will be out there sailing south 

She's becoming a great boat dog, potty trained and was pad trained until a storm blew away her pad and now she's not so sure about the new pad, she's swimming now - when she was younger she was wary of the water, she's a great size now at 35lbs and holding for the last few weeks, maybe she gets another growth spurt or two, loves playing fetch with just about anything you can throw, but especially her piggy and her frisbee, she loves her marina pack with Adam and Jess and of course she is in love love love with the much older and not interested Rocket!

She will fetch anything, even the Chuck-it

Mud bath at Dog Beach

Racing the Rocket!

Frisbee focused

Her studly in-her-mind boyfriend, Rocket

She likes to be around during boat projects

Helping with winch maintenance

Overseeing the anchor locker resurfacing

But she's not interested in all boat projects, here's what she can do with her toy box when you work on one project for too long....

Mostly she just loves being around us and that's great because we love her being around too!

Wine time at anchor

Always knows how to bribe a treat from us when we're in the galley

and finds herself comfortable in bed with Monica all night long