Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Battery upgrade

One of the last few 'before-we-go' projects was always to replace and upgrade our battery bank.  We were wired with two 245amp AGMs but we were wired for three.  Last week when I began to survey and prep the area for the new batteries, I realized we could probably fit four AGMs giving us a total of 960amp hours available.  In order to do this we'd have to lose one sock drawer.

The decision was easy enough, the process actually not much more difficult.  I removed the drawer and built a frame for the battery case to sit on.  The fiberglass case to hold the battery amazingly fit super super snug.  With the help of two friends and the admiral (Monica) we heaved out the old batteries just using the spin halyard and lowered four new ones down.

The two older batteries

Drawer removed
Frame built
Fiberglass batttery case installed

Four new AGMs