Saturday, August 20, 2016

In Between Boat Projects...

In between boat projects we're always finding time for lots of fun.  Taking Tessa to the beach has become a regular adventure, that little puppy has sure turned into one heck of a swimmer! But sometimes she's plays harder than her body is ready for.  Last week she turned on her front left leg to chase down a toy in the soft and wet beach sand.  Her entire body turned but her leg did not.  She yelped over and over, tried to get hobble back to me and finally just fell over and laid down.  After determing nothing was broken, we got back in the dinghy and headed home.  She had a few days of R&R but was still limping pretty noticeably so we took her to the vet, they weren't able to diagnose anything we didn't already know but did prescribe a muscle relaxant, Meloxican, and after 2-3 days shes now back to swimming and playing.  Our lesson learned is that after a fun day of playing, when we notice she's exhausted we need to stop throwing the toys.

My two beautiful girls!

Tessa getting hauled around after turning her ankle.  Poor thing struggled to even make it to the grass to do her thing 
We spent a fun weekend rafted up in Glorietta Bay and got some good sailing pics on the way there with sv Volare and sv Starbright with Mantus Anchors holding us down snuggly!

Sailing puppy!

SeaGlub about to head under the Coronado Bridge

SeaGlub from Volare

Volare chasing us down

sv Starbright

Time to get our beach on!  The puppies are ready too!
Mark and Linda ready to go play on the beach

The girls getting some sun

The boys heading back to refill the cooler

Swimming puppies!

Mantus Anchors holding down the raft up
Mantus dinghy anchor at work

And most recently I got to go play around on a classic little sailboat, a Hobie Cat 18.  Tons of fun and made a short video about it here: