Sunday, January 15, 2017

San Diego, Ca to Ensenada, Mexico

After a great early early morning send off by family, we embarked on our trip south.  330am we left San Diego Bay, the winds were nonexistent and the seas calm, the motor was running clean and Mistcutter was right next to us as we pointed the bow towards Ensenada.  So many years in the making and here we were, in some ways it was almost anti climatic.  So much thought and preparation had gone into this moment, but living it at the time just felt like we out for a another day sail, just WAAAAY too early in the morning.  As the sun came up and we crossed the border, it may have been then that we realized "wow, we just moved to Mexico...."

The sunrise was fantastic, the air started to warm some, Tessa was settling in, and her and Monica took the first off watch, napping together.  Here we were, our little family, on our way.

Around 11am the winds came up from the NNW and we were able to put sails up and make 6kts, then more wind arrived by noon and were making 8kts, running just off the rhumb line but making great time.  I went forward and hanked on the staysail and now we making 9kts!!  We were making such great time I was beginning to think about slowing down as the low tide might make the marina entrance a bit tricky.....whhhhaaaa-whaaat???  slow down?!  no way!  We were comfortably cruising at 9+kts (actually saw 10.1 surfing the wind swell) and we arrived at Marina Coral  shortly after a -1.5ft low tide to still find 15' of water under boat.

Mistcutter was right behind us and pulled into their slip before we were even done securing all of lines.  We made it!  We now live in Mexico!  woooowooooo!!!

Here's a bunch of pictures from a great day passage and our initial foray into Ensenada.

Staged version of casting the proverbial last line, can you guess which is the Hesitant Half?

Live action last line being cast by Gma

Our early risers to see off, thanks to you all for making such an early appearance from so far to travel!  Love and miss you!

Pre sunrise shot of Mistcutter of the Coronado Islands

Sunrise in Mexico
Time for a nap

All sails flying, and making great time

Mistcutter at sea

Turtle Jan just chillin'

Where's Mistcutter??

There's Mistcutter cruising along!

Admiral keeping watch

What?  hull speed?!

Flags going up as we near Ensenada

Getting checked in

Mmmmmm.... panaderia (bakery)

Panaderia galley

and the deepest oven we've ever seen, man it smelled soooo good in there!

Sunset in Ensenada, Marina Coral

 Logbook - San Diego, Ca to Ensenada, Mexico
  • Port of Departure: San Diego, Ca - Harbor Island West
  • Departure Date and Time: Tuesday, January 10, 0330 PDT
  • Stops in Between: none
  • Port of Arrival:  Ensenada, Mexico - Marina Coral
  • Arrival Date and Time: Tuesday, January 10, 1530 PDT
  • Total Travel Time:  12 hours
  • Miles Traveled: 70 nm
    • Sails a' soaring: 32 nm
    • Engine a' roaring: 38 nm
  • Engine Hours:  9.0
  • Nights spent at:
    • Sea - 0
    • Anchor - 0
    • Mooring ball - 0
    • Slip - 0
  • Forecast:  no wind to light north wind until mid morning, then building from the NNW at 10-12 knots as we should be approaching Ensenada with 2-3' seas from the west
  • Navigation Notes:  forecasts were fairly accurate, light winds and smooth seas greeted us in the dark as we left San Diego harbor, the sun came up in a gorgeous fashion and put fishing lines out (but no bites).  Winds began to build around 11am from the NNW as predicted but came in stronger, by noon we seeing 15 and got the sails out, we went cutter rigged with a 130 genoa, staysail and main sail and we were making 8+ knots.  The wind stiffened as the day progressed and we were steadily cruising with an aft quartering wind at 9-9.5kts, basically our hull speed.  One gybe took us on a final run straight into the marina.
  • Maintenance Notes:  Nothing here to report.  We kept a close eye on all the parts we've worked on this last year, and thankfully everything held together very well, no leaks or concerns.
  • Personal notes:
    • Last night in the USA brought 4 hours of sleep despite going to bed 8 hours before my alarm clock was set to go off for departure, I guess it was finally settling in that we were about to be under way.  2016 was an exhausting year.  I expect, in fact even invite, boat projects, I like to tinker, keeps my mind busy.  However 2016 wasn't a tinkering year, it was a full blown repair year.  The things we had to fix kept the boat from operating.  We would've liked more time to experience the great sailing and anchoring available in San Diego.  The sail down to Ensenada was great, the admiral made easy work of deploying our sometimes troublesome mainsail and I was able to hoist the the hank-on staysail while making 8kts in 20kts of wind!  YAY TEAM SEAGLUB!

Track to Ensenada, you can see our two distinct sailing tacks the last 35 miles

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The 'until later' party....

We're not calling it a farewell party or a going away party or...... just hasta luego, because we know we will see all of you again at some juncture.  But it was really nice to have so many people show up, we were both amazed at how many family and friends we got to see, all hanging out together, that it reminded both of us of one of all time favorite days, our wedding!

Here's a bunch of pictures from the day:

The admiral greeting everyone

All set, just add people!
and they arrive...
....and arrive....

....and arrive.....

.....and, well you get the idea, we were overwhelmed with joy at the turnout

Glubka and Richter fams catching up

West Marine crew represented
Family from states far away and new friends we had to say goodbye to all too soon

Sunroad friends were first to arrive, we'll be seeing these guys very soon

just relaxing on a nice January afternoon

even Tessa had guests (not pictured Rocket and Whiskey)

Love this one

and love this one!
Thank you so much to all for a great day!