Sunday, January 8, 2017

The 'until later' party....

We're not calling it a farewell party or a going away party or...... just hasta luego, because we know we will see all of you again at some juncture.  But it was really nice to have so many people show up, we were both amazed at how many family and friends we got to see, all hanging out together, that it reminded both of us of one of all time favorite days, our wedding!

Here's a bunch of pictures from the day:

The admiral greeting everyone

All set, just add people!
and they arrive...
....and arrive....

....and arrive.....

.....and, well you get the idea, we were overwhelmed with joy at the turnout

Glubka and Richter fams catching up

West Marine crew represented
Family from states far away and new friends we had to say goodbye to all too soon

Sunroad friends were first to arrive, we'll be seeing these guys very soon

just relaxing on a nice January afternoon

even Tessa had guests (not pictured Rocket and Whiskey)

Love this one

and love this one!
Thank you so much to all for a great day!