Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ensenada to Cabo pictures

Here's a whole bunch of pictures from our trip down the Baja coast from Ensenada to Cabo, with stops in San Quintin, Turtle Bay, Bahia Asuncion, Abreojos, Scorpion Bay and a fly-by of Bahia Santa Maria near Mag Bay (weather dictated that we not anchor and keep moving south)

Shoving off from Ensenada

Track from Ensenada to San Quintin

Beautiful San Quintin beach

Intersting wave shaped structure once used as a wind and sun shade for camping, now it's unfortunately being used for fire wood or other purposes

wild flowers spring to life in the desert

couple of bonitos 

fresh bonito tuna sushi

but fish alone wasn't enough for Monica, a couple of overnight sails and she was losing weight quickly!

After San Quintin we motorsailed to Punta Baja, had an extremely rolly day and night, and took off ASAP to Turtle Bay after seeing an unfriendly weather report and even more unfriendly surf report....

big weather system on the way pushed us out of northern Baja and down south to Turtle Bay

Track to Turtle Bay from Punta Baja

When the storm did arrive we moved to the south anchorage in Turtle Bay but we still had quite the night.  Sustained winds of 45kts for 6-7 hours and gusts up to 58.8 knots!  Our wonderful Mantus anchor held strong with 7:1 scope of all chain rode

the south anchorage where we hid out during the storm in Turtle Bay from the Tessa's view

We met up with Shamaya in Turtle Bay, and stayed with them all the way to Cabo

Shamaya and SeaGlub crew

Grocery shopping

Track from TB to Bahia Asuncion
 Asuncion was a great little town with restaurants and markets, we loved the people and the beach landings were pretty easy.

SeaGlub out there anhored

Our favorite restaurant in Asuncion

Again SeaGlub at anchor

Track from Asuncion to Abreojos
 I hadn't been to Abreojos in over 20 years, last time on a surf trip.  Other than the road being paved now to get out there, not much has changed.  We didn't find much to do, lobster season ended while we there and we were told there was always a big party where everyone showed up at the beach and ate lobster for free to celebrate the end of the season, but an official in the Fish and Game department had died that week so the party was canceled....

Beautiful skies at Abreojos

Panga and beach landing at Abreojos was a bit sketchy

Tessa always finding shade

Track from Abreojos to Scorpion Bay

wing on wind with the new whisker pole

Finally found some warmer weather in Scorpion Bay
 We enjoyed our time in Scorpion Bay, the weather finally started to warm up a bit.  Lots gringo money and homes as this is world renowned surf spot.  Dinghy landings were OK as we had very little south swell when we there but I could see them being difficult if the summer swells were around

From Scorpion Bay we were going to head to Mag Bay but as we arrived after an overnight sail, we found 30-35 knot winds in the anchorage.  We could've stayed but the weather wouldn't have been fun to hang out in, just too windy and cold.  So if you look closely at this track, we actually sailed into Bahia Santa Maria, took a look and then tacked back out to the ocean and did another overnight to head to Cabo.  Both Shamaya and Sweet Chariot followed course

Track to Cabo 

Ariival in Cabo with Shamaya and Sweet Chariot

48 hour sail was finally enough to get Tessa to use her pad.  We've never been more proud!

Once in Cabo, with warmer weather and water, I found time to install our hookah system.  It fit nicely under the forward bed next to the water maker

Hookah accessed through a vent which easily removes

After a week anchored in downtown Cabo we tied up to a slip in San Jose del Cabo, but the price was a bit steep at $1.25 / foot / day