Saturday, March 11, 2017

Scorpion Bay to Bahia Santa Maria (or Cabo!)

After several enjoyable days in probably our favorite anchorage so far, we were on the move to Bahia Santa Maria, the northern anchorage used by the Baja Haha every year, then we planned on moving inside Mag Bay the following day to do some mangrove dinghy trips and hopefully some whale watching, but then again nature has her ways....

Scorpion Bay was great.  Solid anchorage, well protected from everything except the south, and fortunately, or unfortunately for my desire to get out and surf a world famous break, we had very little south swell during our visit.  The town was a bit more upbeat then the last few we'd been to,after making our beach landing right inside 1st Point surf break, we found a few open restaurants, shops and little hotels.  This town has long been a desired but hard to get to surf spot, but that hasn't stopped several hundred expats from retiring here and making it there sometimes if not permanent home.  And we're not talking shacks, there are several very nice large gringo style houses all along the shore line above the cliffs out all the way out to 5th Point.

We enjoyed the beach, the ever so slightly warmer water (65 degrees at the end of February).  We did some beach combing, dinghy tow surfing, and I even paddled out at 2nd point for a longboard session, but my best wave was from a stand up on the bottom of the ocean floor and just jumped into the wave and stood up.  The following day I got few decent ankle slappers on the SUP at 1st Point.

We and Shamaya and Sweet Chariot had pinpointed Bahia Maria, 95 miles away as our next stopping point, and we left Sunday afternoon to do an overnight trip,  The sail was nice, good winds up to 30-35 but fairly calm seas.  We arrived at sunrise after making good time but as we approached the anchorage we realized this wasn't going to be a nice place to sit in these winds, so we sailed in and sailed right back out.  With the nice winds the decision was made, even if reluctantly, to overnight again and b-line to Cabo.

The sail to Cabo was long as it took another 36 hours to get there, but in the end it was the right decision.  Now we're anchored in the crazy zoo of Cabo San Lucas anchorage, right off of Tabasco Beach where we had our wedding rehearsal dinner / party.  The air was 80, water 75 and clean and clear.  We were finally wearing shorts and enjoying our introduction to the tropics!

The next few blog posts will have several pictures as we now have decent internet again.  Stay tuned....

285 nautical miles, 48 hours