Monday, January 29, 2018

Road trip!!

Back in the saddle and time to get out and see southern Baja.  Leaving from La Paz we drove to Los Barriles about 2 hours south. 

six chics in a van!
A short distance from there you can hike to waterfalls and hot springs which emanate from the Sierra de la LagunaWe had a terrific couple days exploring the area and hiking the falls.  The drive to the hot springs was pretty crazy, dirt roads winding every which way but the most amazing part was how Google maps actually guided us all the way there!  Even in that crazy back country.  The hot springs come pouring out of solid rock and have a temperature above 110 degrees!  Mixed with the cold mountain run off you can get some really comfortable natural pools of water to splash around in. 

After the people got there splashing done, we went further down river and let the dogs get in some swim time.

The springs and waterfalls can be found near a town called Santiago (pictured below):

From there we drove on to Cabo San Lucas where the hit the CostCo for provisioning and then on to Todos Santos about an hour north of Cabo.  We stayed in a pretty nice house with a pool, jacuzzi, 6 bedrooms and an out door kitchen.  I got to catch up with a good buddy I hadn't seen in a couple years and meet his new son.

Todos has been around for a couple hundred years and is supposedly home the original Hotel California, of course last year the Eagles finally got around to filing a lawsuit about this, so who knows.....

What we do know is that town is a showcase for Mexican arts and foods.  We enjoyed walking the streets and checking out the town.