Friday, March 16, 2018

Girl Scout cookies in Mexico?

oh crap, it's that time of year, what are we gonna do....?

Good ol' friend Chris to the rescue again.  Chris flew down to visit with 15 boxes of cookies!  As reward we took him out to the islands to play around for a few days.  Always great having Chris visit, even if there's no cookies involved.

Here's a few pics from his visit:

Dinghy fishing, no luck but beers were cold

Hang time

Before our sail Monica and Penny and Chris hiked the hill across from the marina

We also went out to the Mogote at low tide, thankfully this was not how we anchored

this is how we anchored, that's SeaGlub in the distance

this is a airplane shot of one of the anchorages nearby, we anchored just to the right of this photo

kayak time

dinghy time

play time

night time