Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Day one

Well we're off... Motored for an hour then sailed pretty good for an hour then wind fell below 10 and we made 3 knots for a couple hours. Going into sunset we're getting the expected evening breeze of 15+ and we're making 7+ knots apparent wind angle about 70-75. Been having trouble with iridiumgo tracker (think resolved now as my dad just said he received our position) and did something not so smart when we realized after having the tack and head of the genoa restitched that we should've checked the main clew as well as it sits in the sun all its life. There are four strops holding the eye and the one for the leech is blown out and the middle two show sun damage. Forecast tomorrow is for some dead wind time so we may lower the main and work on a fix.

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