Friday, April 30, 2021

Checking out Nuku Hiva

It's been a few days since the last posts appeared as SeaGlub has been out of cell phone reception since leaving Taiohae Bay Wednesday. We had a great time there, both being tourists and sightseeing, hiking, shopping and eating, but a couple days ago we left and traveled north to Anaho Bay (pictures later when we get very service again) but needless to say this place was spectacular. First of all, we finally found a calm anchorage, Taiohae is a great place and there's lots of help there, but a calm anchorage it is not. Anaho on the other hand was perfectly still. We spent a couple nights there and spent the one full day paddling around the entire bay, snorkeling, and of course doing some boat work up the mast. The coral around the inner side of the bay was cool, we saw octopus and sharks and manta rays! This bay was once lived in by Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island among several other books. After just two nights there we set out to complete our near
circumnavigation of Nuku Hiva, arriving in Hakatea Bay today where we plan to hike and see the highest waterfall in french polynesia tomorrow. Today is Friday and so Sunday we plan to sail overnight to Hiva Oa. SeaGlub is doing well as we're staying just ahead of the repairs she's throwing at us.

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