Friday, April 9, 2021

Day 10

Location 5.43N x 120.42W
Time 0400 UTC
Boat speed 4.5 it's
Wind 10kts at 090 twd
Day 9 miles covered another new record 172!!

Yesterday morning we gybed the mainsail over after running wing and wing for two days and left the pole on the genoa to help us run deeper. Well it helped as we set a record again for miles covered in 24 hours at 172!! We got hit by our first squall at 1am and got soaked as we weren't quite ready, I mean we hadn't seen wet stuff from the sky since October. All was well and things dried out by midday the next day. So we're in an area called the Intertropical Convergence Zone or ITCZ. In this area the air flow from the northern hemisphere high pressure converges with the air flow from the Southern hemisphere high pressure system. In both systems there's a lot of energy and where they converge you typically get less consistent wind strength and speed and a lot of thunderstorm activity. For sailors it is an area we watch with great interest and try our best to time our crossing as we go from one hemisphere to the other. Right now we're sailing through this area, that's why we had
rain last night. For us it looks like it will take us about 3-4 days to pass through the ITCZ and as of now we're about halfway through. On the other side the trade winds to the Marquesas await...

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