Monday, April 12, 2021

Day 12

Location 1.59N x 123.37W
Time 0700 utc
Boat speed 5.6kts
Wind 10kts from 080 twd
Day 11 miles covered 145

Just the kind of day sailing you dream of when buying an offshore cruising boat. Big blue ocean, sunny skies with billowy clouds and light but consistent trade winds blowing 8-10 knots just abaft midships. And the sea is so calm you can put your glass of water, ok rum cocktail, down on the counter and not worry about it slipping around and spilling! While technically probably still inside the ITCZ we have gotten lucky to get what appears to be the southern trades making a push just north enough to come pull us south. The winds freshened around midnight last night. The actual wind direction is 150-160 on the boat but our speed is making us see 090awa so we're cooking with the asym out and doing her job. Looks like we're about exactly 24 hours from the equator crossing which puts us at a nighttime transformation from pollywogs to shellbacks.... (Google it!)

All is well aboard

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