Monday, April 12, 2021

Day 13

Location 0.38N x 124.51W
Time 0630 utc
Boat speed 7.0
Winds 15kts from 105twd
Day 12 miles covered 130

Yesterday was another very pleasant light wind sail with the spinnaker up all day and thru the night. Seas continue to be very calm in the 3' range but long period so quite smooth and when you're down below you barely notice any movement, almost feels like you're at anchor in one of those anchorages that has jet skis buzzing around. We dropped the spinnaker tonight just after sunset as winds have started to pick back up as expected and we're now doing 7 knots with a great wind angle and still calm seas, we've picked up the southern trades and making our rhumb line to Nuku Hiva! Of note, when we last flew the spinnaker we noticed there was a chafe area near the end of the halyard where the head of the sail attaches. This time flying the spinnaker we intentionally hoisted it so the chafe area would be in a different place and tonight when we brought it down there is new chafe evident. Maybe the shiv where the halyard enters the top of the mast? Anyway we shouldn't need this ha
again before we get to Nuku Hiva so this project goes on the list. Otherwise all is very well on board.

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