Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Day 14

Location 01.25S x 126.11W
Time 0730 UTC
Boat speed 5.3
Wind 12kts from 050twd
Day 13 miles covered 136

Crossed the equator!!! So fricken cool! After so many years of dreaming about this, it happened this morning, SeaGlub sailed across the equator. It was a beautiful sunrise and then we did it, we sailed across in good wind with a gorgeous sunrise backdrop. For decades I've dreamed about this, from conversations with my buddy Jeff going all the way back to junior high school or incessantly bugging my bro Andrew while we worked at the Rusty Pelican parking cars in the 90s, today it happened. I'm lucky to have the beautiful Ms. Tara Lee to accompany me on this journey, together we've made a great trip of this so far. The prior 24 hours saw some good sailing conditions but we're still waiting for the winds to turn easterly. We're still getting wind from the NE which causes us to sail more south than we would like, however right now that's not a problem, but a couple more days of this and we will be forced to gybe (turn right in our case) instead of just being able to sail direct t
o the
Marquesas, which adds distance which adds time. So here's to hoping sometime soon we start getting the wind to clock out of the SE.

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