Thursday, April 15, 2021

Day 16

Location 4.09S x 130.00W
Time 0630 utc
Boat speed 7.2
Wind speed 15.2 from 080
Day 15 miles covered 159

Our entry into the southern trades started off fairly rough, after coming through the ITCZ and having one last good bye squall we found a shift in the wind from the 050 we had been getting to 090-100 which helped us take a great big turn to the west. However that shift also came with big quartering seas and the ride was pretty uncomfortable. Today the wind continued but thankfully the seas subsided somewhat and we had a really good day of sailing. Because the sea state was better, today we shook out the reefs in the genoa and main sail and enjoyed 120awa all day. We even tried fishing again but no luck this time. Arrival into Nuku Hiva looking Tuesday morning.

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