Friday, April 16, 2021

Day 17

Location 4.54S x 132.16W
Time 0630 utc
Boat speed 8.4kts
Wind 19kts from 100twd
Day 16 miles covered 158

We were having a really good fast sailing day enjoying the trades and on a comfortable point of sail making the rhumb line to Nuku Hiva when, around midnight, the winds started to back up again and within a couple hours we found ourselves with the most northerly winds we've had the entire trip despite being at almost 5 South latitude! The wind was so north (030) and light that we could only make a course of 180-190 so after sunrise we gybed and now had a course heading out 260. Check out out track on the Where Are We link above. Yes our tack angles sucked but SeaGlub doesn't move well with very light wind from astern. We even joked, and received funny jabs from friends, that we had given up on the Marquesas and had decided to go to Hawaii!! :-)

After trying a couple different sail configurations, we settled on wing and wing again and this allowed us to make a heading just north of Nuku Hiva and pick up 1-1.5 knots. As the day went on by noon we were making a comfortable 5kts again and feeling pretty good about our set up. And a sneak peak into the day 18 update: at current we are still WoW and making 8.5-9kts!!

All's well and we're looking forward to our first sleep of more than 3.5 hours at once in almost 3 weeks....

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