Saturday, April 17, 2021

Day 19

Location 5.30S x 135.06W
Time 0630 utc
Boat speed 6.9kts
Wind 17 from 105twd
Day 18 miles covered 159

After switching the sails back to WoW yesterday we continue to make some very good westing watch is taking us slightly north of Nuku Hiva. But this allows us a good angle into the islands it nothing changes with wind as expected. Tomorrow morning we will likely drop the pole from the genoa and turn just a bit to the south and be able to put the wind at about 110-115 apparent and have a good angle for the last 300 miles. After almost the weeks, it's honestly hard to believe it's been that long (we still have raw spinach, bell peppers, onions, potatoes, cabbage and tonight we had our last cucumber), but after three weeks we do have some issues which will need attention once we arrive. The one issue which will need some good attention has to do with the rudder post. Our rudder has been making a progressively worse creaking noise. Several inspections yielded no cause until yesterday. The Hylas rudder is skeg protected and stabilized in four places. Starting at the deck the rudde
r post
runs down 3' to the hull passing thru a support arm. After passing thru the hull the post goes down another 2' into a section which is fiberglassed to the hull where the post again is supported, then the post actually connects to the swivel part of the rudder. Given the forces applied to the rudder via the water and our boat speed, all this support is comforting. However, we found yesterday that the creaking is coming from the support arm located inside the boat, the one between the deck and the hull. For simplicity explanation, it's 12"x12" L-bracket with a hole through it for the rudder post. That L-bracket is separating from the wall it is fiberglassed to allowing play in the rudder post hence the creaking. I'm sharing this not to alarm people but just to keep these posts remaining as a true account of the experiences we live in while making this passage. We have no play in the steering, no sign of water ingress, and being aware we can now keep a close eye and monitor. We
do have
the ability on board to make a repair but we will need the boat to be perfectly still with zero pressure on the rudder. For now we have slowed the boat down, which actually helps our arriving in Nuku Hiva in the daylight, and we will keep a close eye. While we're on the topic, the only other item we're tracking on the boat has to do with the generator and the charger. After charging for 45 minutes or so, I'm receiving a TempTooLow warning from the inverter / charger and the charger disengages, which can be reset by rebooting the charger. It is definitely not cold here so I'll need internet to look up this problem once we arrive in Nuku Hiva.

We're both tired and very much looking forward to a night where we get to sleep more than 3.5 hours, but overall I'm really proud of what we've accomplished thus far. Nobody does something like this without expecting some hiccups, together we've made a great team recognizing situations and finding solutions. And now we're just a few days from a grand reward....

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