Thursday, April 1, 2021

Day 2

Position: 18.9n x 108.3w
Speed: 6.1
Wind: 14 @350twd
Last 24 hours: 147nm

Good day of sailing with no drama today, that was yesterday. After blowing out the strops on the headsail a few months ago (just due to UV disintegrating the threads) we followed up by also repairing the tack on that same headsail, stupid me didn't bother to look at the main sail clew which is also in the sun 24/7. Sure enough that blew yesterday. We easily got the sail furled back into the mast and today we hoisted the trysail on its track. When / if we get lighter wind we will unfurl the main and take it down for repairs. The sail itself is fine just the strops holding the eye came undone. We have aboard climbing straps and good thread. So one day soon we'll repair. For now we're still making great time on the days when the weather was supposed to be the lightest. Seas have been no more than 2' and wind have been 14-18 just aft of the beam. Sunset was beautiful now it's time for watch schedules and sleep.

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