Sunday, April 18, 2021

Day 20

Location 7.11s x 137.21w
Time 0630 utc
Boat speed 6.9
Wind 19kts from 075twd
Day 19 miles covered 160

These 24 hours were extremely productive but the ride is still pretty uncomfortable. We ran the whole 24 hr period with the pole out on the genoa and the boom prevented to the opposite side, so still wing and wing as we were yesterday. We made a lot of westing and to start day 20 we took the pole down and started making our rhumb line to the Marquesas. Not a lot to report, weather continues to be very nice temperatures, muggy humid but only about 80F pretty much just like every day of this trip. As you can tell by the lat long above, we are getting close. Less than 200 miles to go

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