Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Day 21 again

Location Nuku Hiva!
Time 1500 utc or exactly 21 days from the time we left
Last half a day miles covered 107
Total miles for the trip 2945 (rhumb line would've been 2951)

We're here!! Wow we're actually here. And you know it when you arrive. The island of Nuku Hiva is impressive. Stark mountains rising sharply upward thickly covered in green foliage, clouds encompassing the peaks with rain ready to fall at any moment.

Check-in was a breeze and we had a really informative meeting with Kevin from Nuku Hiva yacht services. If you want someone who knows everyone here and anything about just about anything, get ahold of Kevin. Super nice and helpful guy.

So we're settled in, went for a nice walk around town the first day, our legs were sore from walking! Walking!! Today, day 2 here, we started tackling boat projects, the rudder post and a leaky deck cleat. In the near future we have an ancient ceremonial location to hike to and another day we're gonna have a local drive us around for the day. Sometime next week we'll take off for another anchorage.

Pretty amazing we're here but I'll admit this: for years and years including the days and minute before leaving I thought this was a very big deal. Now that we're here, the actual trip was less impactful on me than the pre-trip preparations. What I mean is that ultimately we left one day and went sailing, then we just kinda kept sailing. I didn't think of it as so far to go or so many days away, I just went sailing. It was cool.

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