Sunday, April 4, 2021

Day 4

0600 utc - midnight for the time zone we're using for passage
Location: 15.52 x 111.57
Speed 5.7 on 12kts wind from 010
Day 3 miles covered: 146 (very consistent first three days)

As I look up aft over my shoulder I see the Big Dipper pointing to the bright North Star and then I continue my staring off into the darkness ahead I see plain as day the Southern Cross and for some reason I just can't get these lyrics out of my head:

"off the wind of this heading line the Marquesas we got (42 feet) of waterline nicely making way"

Today started with pretty mixed seas and just barely enough wind to fill the sails (most of the time) which made for our first semi-uncomfy ride. As morning became afternoon the seas cleaned up and the wind became very consistent. Did we just find the Pacific high?? We diligently worked together all afternoon to repair the blown out clew on the mainsail. Satisfied with our project we hoisted the main (in 12-14 knots of wind!) and set course. This called for our first cocktail underway.

Tonight I sit in the dark awaiting the moonrise I know will come but in the meantime I'm enjoying the darkness, the sound of water softly splashing along the hull as we glide over the mostly flat sea. At some point we will need to gybe and head for our equator crossing but for now we enjoy this peaceful ride

Chris and Tara Lee

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