Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Day 6

Location 13.06n x 115.12w
Heading 200
Time 0700 utc
Boat speed 6.1 (motor on)
Wind 8 knots from 060 twd
Day 5 miles covered 123

Lighter winds were the story of the day, we had hoisted the asym the prior afternoon and kept it up all night, with some difficulty as the winds were light and we even started the engine around 3am with the intention to take down the asym as boat speed had fallen to 3.0 or less for about 20 minutes. Just as we started the engine the wind came back up. Sailed with asym until 9am then started up the old iron Genny. She's still going

We begrudgingly have admitted that we just barely could not out run the windless patch growing off the coast of Mexico and so we've decided it best to try to motor 100-150 miles and go find what we believe should be good sailing wind for several days. We have about 125-130 hours of fuel aboard so choosing to use 20-25 hours of that fuel is a decision which takes a lot of considerations.

All is well aboard, we're eating well, the sea state is very comfortable and backgammon matches are becoming a regular afternoon event.

Chris and TLC

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