Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Day 7

Location 11.24N x 116.05W
0400 UTC
Speed 4.5kts
Wind 10-11kts from 045
Day 6 miles covered 143 under engine power (total 842nm)

So yesterday we succumbed to starting up the engine. Winds were very light the day before but we managed to work the spinnaker to the very last drop of wind. When boat speed was consistently below 3 knots for almost a half hour we gave in. Engine ran fine and we got everything like computers etc charged up. Weather looks better further south so we're pointed towards better winds.

After one week of crossing passage, what are my thoughts? Overall just how prepared we were. We've had a couple issues, one of them I think would have turned around 98% of others. But we have talked things through, devised plans, and successfully completed fixes on most issues. Personally I think the biggest single thought I have is how different this is from coastal cruising. The sea is much calmer than I expected, the winds much more consistent (despite yesterday's motoring session) versus my experiences along the California and Mexican coastlines. Out here we don't have land affect winds, don't have afternoon thermal builds, there's really only one direction the seas are coming from and the period between waves is longer so much smoother ride. It's really fantastic being out here and I can see why so many people have told me passage making can get addicting.

As I take my first night watch tonight one week at sea is just around the corner, guesses are that we will be out here two more weeks, and that's not a bad thing :-)

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