Thursday, April 8, 2021

Day 8

Location 9.15 x 117.46
0730 UTC
Boat speed 7.3
Wind 18kts from 050
Day 7 miles covered 130

Back into the wind the best thing for us to do was to set up the whisker pole and run the wing and wing. The winds started out light in the afternoon but we expected themo to pick up all night and into the next day, which indeed they did, we also expected the wind to clock more easterly, which it did not. However the WoW set up compensated nicely for this and we were able to make a great course even in the lighter wind part of the day. By morning we had consistent 15 knots pushing SeaGlub at times over 8 knots of boat speed. Those winds have sustained and at noon tomorrow I expect to report our best distance covered day thus far. For breakfast we had pancakes and bacon and for dinner we had red Thai curry chicken, it was spicy!! Up until today the ocean had been fairly calm but with the wind picking up and SeaGlub heading further south we found some uncomfortable sailing conditions exacerbated by easterly swell from last week's very strong Tpec condition in southern Mexico.
Throughout the day we had our following wind swell but that was crossed up by a 4-6' easterly swell making the boat swoon from 25 degree heel one way and quickly to back to 25 degree the other way. Definitely not a day for those with weak stomachs.

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