Thursday, April 8, 2021

Day 9

Location 7.35N x 119.0W
Time 0300 utc
Boat speed 7.8
Wind 18kt from 035
Day 8 miles covered 163

Yep yesterday was a record day for SeaGlub in the Miles Covered category at 163. We're in the trades and found a good sail set up running wing and wing all day and keeping the wind at 180 degrees to SeaGlub. The ride was not the smoothest with 4-6' following swell rolling us 25 degrees heel at times but we made excellent ground. We're definitely in the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) as well as we can see lightning storms well off in the distance. Of course we don't like lightning but given that storms can cover 100 miles and move 30-40mph we're more concerned with downdraft winds associated with the storms here in the ITCZ. For now we keep an eye on them and be prepared for sail changes if necessary. This morning the winds clocked just enough to allow us to gybe the boom and therefore mainsail over to the same side as the genoa. This changed our track sightly but also smoothed out the ride considerably. We expect the wind to continue to clock more easterly the next day
or two
and then we possibly hit the doldrums between the northern hemisphere and Southern hemisphere weather systems. Into the night we go, flying along at almost 8 knots....

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