Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Days 16

Location 03.00S x 127.30W
Time 0630 utc
Boat speed 7.6kts
Wind 18-20 from 105twd
Day 15 miles 149

Thar she blows.... said Ahab

Pretty true for us as well, we started the day pretty uncomfortable with mixed 3-5' seas and wind which was still from NE forcing us to head further south than we really wanted to be going. Then we got our third rain squall of the day, this one a pretty good one, and when that cleared behind it we received wind from the east!! And hence: thar she blows!! We're now seeing 18-22 sustained from 100-105 and with shortened sail, about one reef on each the genoa and the main, we're running with an apparent wind angle of 130-140 with a heading taking us just north of the Marquesas. Forecast is for these conditions to stick around until we arrive, guessing around Tuesday.

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