Sunday, May 9, 2021

Oh the way to Faaite day 3

Location 15.55s 144.34w
Time 1030 utc (1am local)
Boat speed 6.8
Wind 15 from 070twd with 095awa
Miles covered prior 24 hours 111 (sadly a new record for slowest day)

So we were going along fantastically the first two days and then wind started to back a little and fall off last night, then at midnight we got hit by a squall which lasted almost an hour. In the squall we had peak wind of 27 but afterwards the winds went to below 8-9 knots and they were blowing directly down the rhumb line. So we did what we've been getting pretty used to doing, we deployed the pole on the genoa and ran dead downwind. But this isn't the greatest point of sail for most boats especially SeaGlub. We made way at about 2 5-3 knots for the next 12 hours, and thus our slowest day yet at 111 miles. Oh well at least it was really calm and with the pole we were able to keep the sail from flogging around and making all kinds of noise. We'll have to pick up the pace to hit our desired arrival time at the atoll pass.

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Saturday, May 8, 2021

In the category of....

Location 14.03s x 143.14w
Time 1000 utc (1230am local)
Boat speed 2.9
Wind 10kts from 025 yes north northeast!
Prior 24 hours miles covered: 148

In the category of.... Be careful what you ask for. The last post I mentioned how quickly we were making way and considering slowing down. What I also didn't mention was that we were talking about how salty the decks and dodger were from all the sea water we were taking on. Well today we got answers we really didn't want to find. The wind has considerably slowed down and we're now looking at arriving a day later than expected instead of a day earlier! That's how dramatically things can change at 5 miles per hour. And then tonight we got hit by a good squall at 1100pm which lasted an hour and we no longer have salty decks, or a dry a cockpit or dry crew! So is the life at sea.

The storm has now passed and left us with barely enough wind to sail so things are very calm and quiet, dark without stars as clouds still pass over. We'll take what wind we can get, we went to a poled out genoa earlier today as the wind then was backing to the north and thus pushing directly behind us on the rhumb line so we're still running the pole now without the main which has trouble staying full downwind without wind ;-)

SeaGlub sails on...

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Friday, May 7, 2021

To Faaite day 2

Location 12.27s x 141.43w
Time 1000 utc (1230am local)
Boat speed 6.4
Wind 17 from 070
Prior 24 hours miles covered 174 (I think a new SeaGlub record)

Sailing out of Hiva Oa and not going to Fatu Hiva was a tough choice. Several things factored in, Fatu Hiva was 50 miles to windward and we had just done 100 windward miles to Hiva Oa and didn't know if we wanted to do that again right away, the Tuamotus are calling (they're not going away but we do only have a limited stay here), and I know this will sound extremely spoiled and it is but we had just been to 4 of the most beautiful anchorages and were pretty satisfied to know that if we could we would stay in the Marquesas for several months like the European crew boats we have met. So onward with the trades further south we go.

The winds were blustery leaving Hiva Oa and we were absolutely jamming. In fact after 12 hours of averaging over 8.2 knots we intentionally slowed down, both for personal comfort and easing pressure on the boat, but also because I started to factor arrival time at the reef pass we are headed for. Ideally we will arrive sometime around 10-11am with high tide at 1pm giving us our best entry opportunity. At the higher speed we were traveling we were looking at a sunset arrival the day before we had anticipated. That would mean stopping the boat and just trying to sit still, heave-to, for over 12 hours. Just slowing down seemed a lot easier. So now here we are. Triple reefed main and double reefed genoa with 42 feet of waterline nicely making way... We're still running a bit quick but we're not even halfway so we can slow down more as we approach if we need to. Pretty comfy conditions out here tonight, we've got 16-18 knots of wind coming behind used on the port side with fairly
seas now after a rolly start yesterday.

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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Hiva Oa to Faaite in the Tuamotus

Location 10.46s x 139.53w
Time 1100utc
Boat speed 7.2
Wind 21 knots from 090twd

Left Hiva Oa midday and targeting Faaite atoll 560 miles away. Wind was strong leaving the anchorage and hasn't let up. We've now got two reefs in the genoa and triple reefed mainsail and we're still making 7+ knots on our desired heading. The ride is ok, we get the occasional sideways wave bashing the windward side (port) of the boat which throws up a nice splash but our bimini isinglass is doing it's job to keep us dry. And keep out the flying fish! Just had a big one thump the side of the bimini, bounce over the top and nearly fall in my lap on the other side of that boat. I escorted him back to sea. Weather forecasts show no real let up in the wind for the next several days which will make for a quick trip, but maybe too quick as we don't want to arrive in the afternoon, evening or dark. Entering the atolls is done through passes and the water inside the atoll fills and empties at certain times of the day and you ideally want to enter when that water is moving it's slowes
called slack tide. We're too far away at this point to start slowing down to time our arrival but it is something we'll be calculating over the next couple days.

All is well on board, we're trying to settle back into the irregular sleep pattern. SeaGlub is doing pretty well. We had more sail up earlier when the winds were at 15 and then as night fell the winds picked up and we've had 20+ ever since (130am as I write) so that's why we've got the sails reefed so much.

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Monday, May 3, 2021

Nuku Hiva to Hiva Oa

Location 9.23s x 139.41w
Time 0830utc (11pm for me)
Boat speed 3.8
Wind 11-12 knots from 100 which makes our apparent wind 30 degrees!

Beating into the night. Seas are comfortable but this sailing direction is testing. We're just off the rhumb line and so losing ground. We have two options: hope for wind shift or sail current heading and then turn on motor once we're in the lee of Hiva Oa to head east and just hope we don't have too much ground to make up. Well I guess that's really only one option right now, sail current heading.....ok. It's a star filled warm night but we did have one cloud pass over and drop a bit of rain. No moon yet so pretty dark out. I've started sailing at night with my steaming light on so I can see the headsail. No one's out here so I'm not gonna confuse anyone with my light arrangement. SeaGlub is handling the conditions well, the fiberglass job on the rudder post support arm is holding up well so far so that's nice. We should make Hiva Oa before noon and plan to spend just a couple nights before moving on to Fatu Hiva

Hope you're all doing well and I look forward to talking to you when we get cell reception again

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