Thursday, May 6, 2021

Hiva Oa to Faaite in the Tuamotus

Location 10.46s x 139.53w
Time 1100utc
Boat speed 7.2
Wind 21 knots from 090twd

Left Hiva Oa midday and targeting Faaite atoll 560 miles away. Wind was strong leaving the anchorage and hasn't let up. We've now got two reefs in the genoa and triple reefed mainsail and we're still making 7+ knots on our desired heading. The ride is ok, we get the occasional sideways wave bashing the windward side (port) of the boat which throws up a nice splash but our bimini isinglass is doing it's job to keep us dry. And keep out the flying fish! Just had a big one thump the side of the bimini, bounce over the top and nearly fall in my lap on the other side of that boat. I escorted him back to sea. Weather forecasts show no real let up in the wind for the next several days which will make for a quick trip, but maybe too quick as we don't want to arrive in the afternoon, evening or dark. Entering the atolls is done through passes and the water inside the atoll fills and empties at certain times of the day and you ideally want to enter when that water is moving it's slowes
called slack tide. We're too far away at this point to start slowing down to time our arrival but it is something we'll be calculating over the next couple days.

All is well on board, we're trying to settle back into the irregular sleep pattern. SeaGlub is doing pretty well. We had more sail up earlier when the winds were at 15 and then as night fell the winds picked up and we've had 20+ ever since (130am as I write) so that's why we've got the sails reefed so much.

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