Saturday, May 8, 2021

In the category of....

Location 14.03s x 143.14w
Time 1000 utc (1230am local)
Boat speed 2.9
Wind 10kts from 025 yes north northeast!
Prior 24 hours miles covered: 148

In the category of.... Be careful what you ask for. The last post I mentioned how quickly we were making way and considering slowing down. What I also didn't mention was that we were talking about how salty the decks and dodger were from all the sea water we were taking on. Well today we got answers we really didn't want to find. The wind has considerably slowed down and we're now looking at arriving a day later than expected instead of a day earlier! That's how dramatically things can change at 5 miles per hour. And then tonight we got hit by a good squall at 1100pm which lasted an hour and we no longer have salty decks, or a dry a cockpit or dry crew! So is the life at sea.

The storm has now passed and left us with barely enough wind to sail so things are very calm and quiet, dark without stars as clouds still pass over. We'll take what wind we can get, we went to a poled out genoa earlier today as the wind then was backing to the north and thus pushing directly behind us on the rhumb line so we're still running the pole now without the main which has trouble staying full downwind without wind ;-)

SeaGlub sails on...

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