Monday, May 3, 2021

Nuku Hiva to Hiva Oa

Location 9.23s x 139.41w
Time 0830utc (11pm for me)
Boat speed 3.8
Wind 11-12 knots from 100 which makes our apparent wind 30 degrees!

Beating into the night. Seas are comfortable but this sailing direction is testing. We're just off the rhumb line and so losing ground. We have two options: hope for wind shift or sail current heading and then turn on motor once we're in the lee of Hiva Oa to head east and just hope we don't have too much ground to make up. Well I guess that's really only one option right now, sail current heading.....ok. It's a star filled warm night but we did have one cloud pass over and drop a bit of rain. No moon yet so pretty dark out. I've started sailing at night with my steaming light on so I can see the headsail. No one's out here so I'm not gonna confuse anyone with my light arrangement. SeaGlub is handling the conditions well, the fiberglass job on the rudder post support arm is holding up well so far so that's nice. We should make Hiva Oa before noon and plan to spend just a couple nights before moving on to Fatu Hiva

Hope you're all doing well and I look forward to talking to you when we get cell reception again

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