Sunday, May 9, 2021

Oh the way to Faaite day 3

Location 15.55s 144.34w
Time 1030 utc (1am local)
Boat speed 6.8
Wind 15 from 070twd with 095awa
Miles covered prior 24 hours 111 (sadly a new record for slowest day)

So we were going along fantastically the first two days and then wind started to back a little and fall off last night, then at midnight we got hit by a squall which lasted almost an hour. In the squall we had peak wind of 27 but afterwards the winds went to below 8-9 knots and they were blowing directly down the rhumb line. So we did what we've been getting pretty used to doing, we deployed the pole on the genoa and ran dead downwind. But this isn't the greatest point of sail for most boats especially SeaGlub. We made way at about 2 5-3 knots for the next 12 hours, and thus our slowest day yet at 111 miles. Oh well at least it was really calm and with the pole we were able to keep the sail from flogging around and making all kinds of noise. We'll have to pick up the pace to hit our desired arrival time at the atoll pass.

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